Testimonials and Reviews from 1:2:1 Clients

Recent reviews from several different industry sectors:


“We won two awards, runner up in Best Retailer and we won Best Community Impact award. We have also just had our best month EVER. We have seen a 45% increase in our turnover overall!”

“We employ 12 people and have over 300 bikes on site here and we hire out around 30,000 bikes a year.”

“We were facing a number of challenges including us working IN the business rather than ON it and also every day we were fire fighting.”

“Since working with Tim, we have put lots of different systems in place including our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) right across the business. Tim also helped us to put scripts in place for our staff so that whether they are dealing with customers on the telephone or face to face they get the same service every time.”


“We are in a position where we could maybe go and enjoy our time on a beach in Barbados and still have a business that can support us doing that.”

“If we hadn’t been coached by Tim I think our business would still be okay but floundering. It certainly wouldn’t be running at double digit growth as it is now, which has been down to Tim’s help, support and guidance.

“I see the future is bright with ActionCOACH. They really ensure that we understand our business and that we can convey that message not only to our team but to our customers as well. Tim ensures we keep growing the business year on year to make it more successful.

“If you are considering coaching, don’t doubt yourself. Initially we were concerned about what the investment is financially, but it has paid for itself twice over already. So don’t be afraid, don’t be frightened and don’t think of all the reasons why not to, think of all the reasons why you should!”


“Financially I have doubled my turnover in the last 12 months and I have also increased my conversion rate by about 30%.”

“The impact that coaching has had on me personally is that I have fantastic goals I am constantly working towards. I love working on my business and I never have that Sunday night feeling because I enjoy what I do all the time.

“My main goal for my business is actually to produce a franchise, a pick off the shelf package which I can give to other film makers who can then go and do exactly what I do, but in other parts of the country.

“Tim has a fantastic manner about him in the sense that he is very adaptable to different personalities. He can really challenge you and motivate you in quite a unique way. They say you must surround yourself with like minded people if you want to improve, and Tim is absolutely somebody you should have in your life if you do want to improve.”


“We have reduced our owed debts by 80% over the last 4 months which has made everything a lot less stressful; the cash flow great now.”

“Being coached my Tim is both interesting and hard work, and he looks at your business from the outside so he has a better view than you do. He does sometimes gives you some information you don’t want to hear, but the results are worth it.

“We have now implemented a cash flow procedure and we have reduced our owed debts by 80% over the last 4 months which has made everything a lot less stressful and has made the cash flow great now. We also have a new member of staff that assists with all the administration work which has reduced my workload as well.

“Tim is really helping us to grow our business at a much faster rate. I think everyone can get something from Tim’s advice, it has really helped us focus on what we want to achieve rather than just being out there in the wilderness.”


“I am now working 60% less hours but 40% more productively on top of what I was doing.”

“With regards to staff, different personalities take things in different ways – some people jump on the opportunity to grow within the business whereas others don’t want to grow at all. We are identifying those people at the moment and making the changes that we need to around them.

“The future of the business is that we now have an end goal and we have an exit strategy for myself and my business partner so we know that we have a plan in place to take us up to retirement.

“I would say come to a GrowthCLUB, get a feel for the whole approach of ActionCOACH because it isn’t just the coaches, but it is the whole format of ActionCOACH which is a brilliant structure for any business.”


“Our turnover percentage is lower and our profit percentage is higher so we are doing less work but making more money.”

“We have had a lot of comments from the staff saying that they feel less stressed around the office, and the cash flow in the business is better. We have managed to buy a whole new fleet of vans whereas before we always had older vans; so the image of the company has improved.

“I now get to play golf once a week which I never did before, so that’s a big bonus for me personally. Without ActionCOACH I think the business would still be treading water, paying me a wage but not actually managing to grow.

“I think Tim is a really good coach. He will hold you accountable and he is also a very good listener – if you have got problems in the business, he always seems to have a solution.”


“At the beginning of coaching our NET profit was around 4.5% and that has now grown to just under 18%, and is currently being forecasted to be somewhere around 27% at the end of the next 12 months.”

“My business before finding ActionCOACH had been going for about 15 years and we were moving along okay, but if I’m honest we were kind of repeating what we had always done year after year rather than constantly changing, growing and moving forwards. It was almost like we had established a solution in the first 2 or 3 years and then just kept duplicating it.

“If I hadn’t started coaching with Tim my business would still be jogging alone, getting by, doing okay but not growing, not developing and not moving forwards. I now see ActionCOACH as an integral part of our business strategy moving forwards. It’s clear to me that anyone, in any form of career that wants to achieve great results can only do so with coaching and I can’t see any point in the future where we wouldn’t be working with a coach.”


“I have been coached by Tim now for 3 years, I have been an Osteopath for 20 years and I have had my clinic for 7 years, and I can honestly say that the last 3 years being coached by Tim have felt like my only years in business.”

“I wouldn’t have done a fraction of the things that I have achieved in the past 3 years without Tim’s help. My clinic is now running at complete capacity so much so that we now need to find another clinic with an extra 2 or 3 rooms because we are so busy.

“Just recently with Christmas, I took the whole two week break off and the clinic ran itself really nicely with the other osteopaths going in, reception is all systemised so I had a far more relaxing holiday than I have ever had.

“The thing most people know about Tim is that he holds you accountable, he is funny and friendly, but when it comes down to it I always make sure I have done everything he wants me to because I’m a little bit afraid of being told off by him! He knows the names of everyone that works for me, he knows my specific problems and goals and it’s definitely like he has always coached Natural Health Clinics as he knows exactly what I need.”


“I am very optimistic about the future, I can see there is going to be a lot of success this year and I just see so much positivity in every way. Everything that I am asked to do doesn’t just have an effect on one thing, it has a massive domino effect on my entire life and business.”

“I have now been with Tim for 3 months and in that time I have focused my team, refocused our vision; where the business is heading, why we are here and what we are doing. I have also got myself sorted – I have got more energy, and I’m looking after myself a lot better. I’m reading, I’m learning and I’ve got a passion for my business back.

“In myself personally I have lost weight, I’m happier, my stress levels are down, so the personal side of things is great. Our client numbers have already risen – we can already see that our retention levels are at about 2% now whereas before we went through a couple of months (before I joined ActionCOACH) where we could have been losing up to 10% of our client base every month with clients not renewing.

“Tim has seriously kicked my butt and I needed it. I also needed someone to hold me accountable and find a way of making sure that I did things; I will always shy away from the things I don’t want to do because I don’t like doing the things that I’m not good at.”


“In terms of our results, we have seen turnover increase but more importantly our margins have improved quite considerably which is a direct result from working with Tim.”

“So at the time I met Tim, we had reached a junction in the business. We started off with a business plan which Tim says is almost unusual, but we were working through that. We had reached the point where we had kind of achieved what we had set out to achieve. We were looking for the next challenge. Working with Tim has made me much more vigilant in the business, monitoring it and actually making time to do to work on the business rather than in it.

“We have also increased the size of the team very successfully. One of the early things we realised was that we were very stretched, I was (typically of a small business) handling too many roles and as a result the critical business management jobs were being delegated to second position.

“In terms of the results that we have, our turnover has increased but more importantly I think our margins have improved quite considerably which is a result of improved systems that Tim helped us to put in place.”


“I would definitely recommend Tim; make sure you are willing to hard on the business, and then get on the phone and make an appointment with Tim.”

“My role within the company (as with all directors in small businesses) is covering just about every field, from sales to engineering, to admin and actually leading the company from the front.

“By being more organised it has allowed us to be far more productive during our day rather than hopping about doing different things and having to pick up the trail of what we were doing. We now focus on getting the job done and then moving on to the next job and this is a result of having the default diary in place.

“This also lead to me experiencing better quality downtime because I know that at the end of the day I have done all the jobs I set out to do in the day and I can go home relax and not worry about work the following day; this means that when I do come into work the following day I’m energized and ready to go again.

“I would definitely recommend Tim, make sure you are willing to hard on the business and then get on the phone and make an appointment with Tim.”


“If you want someone on your side that values and loves your business as much as you do and wants you to succeed then definitely hire Tim.”

“The problems we were facing at the time were that we couldn’t see the wood for the trees. We were in a bubble and spent lots of time organising everything to make sure our clients were happy, but we didn’t have any time to spend with our clients which is the most important part of our job and the thing we enjoy the most.

“One of the biggest things that Tim helped us with is organising the way we ran everything. Time management was a bit of an issue in the beginning and Tim offered us tools and software which we value greatly and has helped us enormously.

“If you want someone on your side that values and loves your business as much as you do and wants you to succeed then definitely hire Tim. He is the best thing that has happened to us in the last year.”


“We were looking for someone to give us some guidance, training and a kick up the backside when we needed it!”

“Tim helps you, he guides you, and he makes you accountable for your own actions and just keeps you and the business moving along. You feel like you are going somewhere as soon as the results start to show in your accounts, which is where we really want to see them! That’s when you really start to see his worth.

“Our turnover has increased from £60,000 a year last year to £90,000 this year.  That’s a huge increase in a very short period of time and next year we are pushing on to even greater things, currently forecasting £120,000 for next year.”


“We have improved our cash flow by 25% and we reached our turnover targets for the year by the end of the third quarter.”

“I suppose at the time I was feeling quite demotivated and quite frustrated. I had tried to expand the business but couldn’t; there seemed to be a glass ceiling, so I was facing a number of challenges and just not getting anywhere. I felt that I needed some help.

“We have improved our cash flow by 25% and we have reached our turnover targets for the year by the end of the third quarter. So we have been able to increase our targets for the end of the year.

“I feel like the company is going places. We are definitely heading towards the goals we have set ourselves and we can see the steady progress towards that. We are moving to greater profitability and a much more solid business. I really feel like we know what we are doing whereas before I had to (not make it up!) learn and feel my way. Now I feel as if it is based on sound business propositions.”


“Coaching forces you to think about your business challenges and to actually do something about it.”

“Coaching takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to think about some of the challenges your business is facing and to actually do something about it. The coaching has made me think about developing the business in the long term.

“Tim as an individual and a coach has given me an enormous amount of confidence. He encourages you as well as challenges you and he won’t take any nonsense, but he has helped me in so many ways. Just by having the belief to pursue things which perhaps I wouldn’t have done previously without his help.

“Would I recommend Tim? Of course. Tim has given me the courage to pursue my own dreams and it is a journey that I am really excited about.”


“Thanks to Tim’s business coaching, we are now completely in control of our finances and of our business.”

“Things were going okay with the business but we felt we needed a bit of a push; we were putting in the hours but not getting the right results from it. We needed help on focussing our effort more effectively, and really needed to grow our client base.

“Thanks to Tim’s coaching, all of our work and goals are now properly planned out. We’ve got KPIs in place to measure everything we do. We’re now completely in control of our finances and of our business – I work much less hours but more effectively.”

“I would definitely recommend working with Tim. He’s a very committed individual with some great ideas and a range of business tools to solve any situation. He makes the whole coaching process fun and he delivers results.”