Startup and Micro Businesses

Take the leap and discover how Tim can help you grow from a startup or micro business to a commercially profitable enterprise, that can work without you.


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How Tim Helps Startups and Micro Businesses in Sussex and Kent


Startups and Micro Businesses West Sussex

1:2:1 coaching is for business owners who want their coaching tailored to their specific business challenges and personal development needs.

Tim recommends that startups and micro businesses have monthly coaching sessions, which includes a range of support tools and complimentary ActionCLUB membership.

From Tim’s perspective, everyone needs a coach who will tell them how it really is, not just the way we would like it to be.


Startups and Micro Businesses West Sussex

If you’re not quite ready for 1 to 1 business coaching, ActionCLUB Group Coaching could be for you. You get to join other business owners being coached by Tim at a local venue, to network and to learn how to grow your business. ActionCLUB is programme of 25 exciting buisiness skills workshops, delivered over 12 months. Scroll down for details on attending a free trial session.

Startups and Micro Businesses West Sussex

GrowthCLUB is our exclusive 90-day goal planning workshop aimed at getting owners focused on the opportunities to leverage every aspect of your business over the quarter.

It is offered in a group setting to give clients an environment to also share ideas with other business owners.

By putting focus on the causes of business growth, and putting a plan of action together during a GrowthCLUB session, owners – maybe for the first time – can see where to leverage their efforts to produce real results.

After each GrowthCLUB session you’ll walk away with a detailed 90 day plan with actions to take to reach your top priority goals, in order to grow your business in all the main areas.

Watch the video to find out what ActionCOACH’s GrowthCLUB is all about and how it can help your business!

Free Trial for Startups and Micro Businesses

Try an ActionCLUB Workshop

  • Gain useful skills and ideas to make your business more successful.
  • Network and mix with like-minded business owners.
  • Learn from 3 award winning business coaches with a proven track record in business growth.

The group meets once a fortnight and they cover the most common business topics (such as cashflow, marketing, sales, understanding the financials and so on).

ActionCLUB Brochure

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During each session, the award winning business coaches provide a guided presentation, and the attendees complete their own workbook. This means that whilst the presentation is aimed at being relevant to lots of different businesses, the way you complete your workbook is tailored directly to your own business and circumstance.It’s a great way of improving your knowledge, finding new solutions, and sharing ideas with other business people with similar circumstances.

ActionCLUB is a series of 25 group coaching workshops which is attended by a group of business owners just like you.
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Available to all business owners (but ideal for startups and micro businesses or those turning over less than £250,000 annually)

Testimonials and Reviews from ActionCLUB Clients


 I would whole-heartedly recommend Tim to any business that wants to change their business, free up more time and make more money.  


 For anybody who is serious about improving the efficiency of their business, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tim’s services  


 As a business coach, I find that Tim is very trustworthy. I feel that if I go to him with any problem at all, he’ll always have the answer.  

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